Guide on Working with Other Podcasters


Working with different podcasters can be empowering, but it can also take care of your inward troll. Here are the ways by which you can build relationships rather than competition in podcasting. 


Single-word: regard.

Gracious, how much better our reality would be if we had regard—and even love—for each other! Offending somebody's knowledge will not help anybody. We should show at least a bit of kindness of respect for one another, and that can go far. 

Acknowledge various options 

Blubrry, Libsyn, SoundCloud, Podcast Websites, SquareSpace, FeedBurner, WordPress, and more are only hosting sites to achieve specific objectives in podcasting. While a few places are preferable for particular things over others, like for onboarding, uploading, and all the “not fun” stuff related to editing podcasts. 

Pick energy 

Who are you going to be among different podcasters? 

We can pick and control the perspectives we convey. It very well may be a genuine test, but that is the thing that makes us more grounded. 

Trade esteem 

In a growing network, there is a functioning trade of significant worth. A few people trade items, some offer services, some offer installments. Take a look at podcasting similarly.

Trust your option 

We do not have to act so selective about how to podcast. It is anything but an ethical issue; there is no single right way to podcast—and that is the thing that makes podcasting awesome! 

Cultivate group, not rivalry 

What do you do when you see another person start another podcast about your same point? Imagine a scenario in which they get attention when you don't. 

How you treat your competitors is an impression of your growth. Once in a while, we grown-ups can be very puerile. 

Rather than trying to vanquish your competitors, try to approach working together as partners in a bigger network.